Sex and the powerful. Why is it always so messy?

Many enlightened commentators are today following my lead and glistening with sympathy for Senator Larry Craig.

Of course, none of these commentators is a politician. A lack of political desire is one of the strongest pre-requisites for commentatordom. And a lack of compassion the very strongest pre-requisite for politiciandom.

Yet Senator Craig is perhaps the least well-known, and some might offer, the least important of world leaders with what might be described as sexual, well, issues.

We have President Sarkozy of France, whose wife seems not entirely enamored with him. She was widely reported to be having relations with a chap who worked in advertising. Which rather goes to show that the Americanization of France might well have already stretched beyond the President himself.

Then we have the Chinese Finance Minister, Jin Renqing. Well, when I say ‘we’, actually he appears to have been had by someone who is described as a “young society woman.”

Mr. Jin, who is 63 years old, and somewhat resembles a distant Chinese relative of Drew Carey, seems to have not known that the lady in question was also the squiree of a former Communist Party secretary, a certain Mr. Du.

As in “Du, you take this woman” etc etc

To the Chinese authorities, this is conduct unbecoming. And therefore it seems Mr. Jin will begoing.

Yet where is a powerful man to find a woman who can love him for who he is? Most powerful men marry women who love them for who they’re not. And when they become the new, more powerful Larry Craig or the new more influential Mr. Jin, they are understandably in need of the new sexual experience.


And where are they to get it? One can only imagine the narrow circles in which their power makes them spin. It’s not as if they are surrounded by anything other those who want something from them, whether at work or socially. So how can we fault them for being generous on occasion to these people?

Mr. Jin very probably thought he was helping the “young society woman.” Senator Craig, who sits not just on airport toilets, but also the Board of the National Rifle Association, probably hoped he was going to make some unnamed young man’s, perhaps even young society man’s (Minneapolis is a rising city) day.

As for poor Mr. Sarkozy, well, he first had to officiate at the wedding of his current wife to another man. Only years later did she agree to partake of Mr. Sarkozy’s boundless bounty.

Powerful men have many responsibilities and very few sexual choices. They are continually preyed upon by prostitutes of one kind or another. How can they possibly find relationships built on love and trust?

They are tired from the pressures of the constant demands of their jobs and need guidance in finding partners that match their exalted abilities. Without that guidance, they are constantly reaching below the partition of metaphorical latrines for some kind of succor.

Let us pray they will not all go the way of Mr. Qui Xiaohua. Mr. Xiaohua tried his very best to keep all his balls in the air. But it was to no avail. In October, he was dismissed from his powerful post in the Chinese government for having “at least one mistress.” He was then charged with bigamy.

How could the Chinese government not show mercy in Mr. Xiaohua’s case? How could they not see this coming? He surely tried to send numerous, and perhaps even numerate, signals of his terrible binary plight.

For Mr. Xiaohua was the Head of China’s National Bureau of Statistics.


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