Breaking American Idol Sensation. David Cook’s Heart Stops Beating.

The Pond does not normally stoop to addressing mere news.

We think of ourselves as the philosophers for the afterlife.

However, as I was sailing down a major, traffic-filled freeway, I received a call to tell me that “Analog Heart”, the number one selling David Cook album that only yesterday was number one on the Amazon chart, has sailed far up the river perhaps never to return.

Someone has incised it like a rancid molar.

Of course, I couldn’t possibly suggest that the Pond’s declaration yesterday that there was some cock- snooking, nay, Cook-snooking going on might have had some influence on the dirty-sneakered Idol Opeless Dei.

It would be far from me to posit that some mean higher-up accosted Cookie in a darkened Starbucks and threatened him with excommunication from the Vatican of Music.

But Analog Heart has been transplanted, people.

It may be that the show must go on. However, how does that old song go? One for the Money? Two For the Show?

It seems that Two has just defeated One.

And now David Cook is the Phantom of the Amazon mp3 Opera.

Gosh. How will they react In Buffalo and Springfield?

The Pond thanks MGShelton for making us feel again.


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