What Jason Castro Can Teach Hillary Clinton.

Over the last few weeks, it seems as if there have been only two things worth talking about.

Politics and American Idol.

Perhaps you are amongst those who think politics is terribly serious and American Idol is proof that our culture is in irreversible decline.

Or perhaps you will be in the majority, those who think the opposite.

The truth is, they’re both very similar.

As we drift off into Presidential campaign that will promise more lies than the average bar pickup on a Thursday night in New York, isn’t it true that the winner will be determined by song choice?

If Obama sings true-ringing ditties of hope and honesty (think Gretchen Wilson), he will win.

If McCain manages to find some tunes from the past that will warm the hearts of those who lost contact with their brains around 1972, then he will be the American Idle.

Either scenario will make Hillary Clinton foam more than the beer served by Carly Smithson in her San Diego dive.

Yet, as she sits in her black jimjams in some West Virginian Best Western, she should rue the fact that she has not been a close observer of American Idol’s Jason Castro.

Castro, no apparent relation to Fidel, though who really knows with Texans, this week presented a masterclass in self-awareness that ought to have been admired by every politician who dares to speak power to truth.

While Senator Clinton believed that she could persuade enough people that she was a fighter, a winner, a man, an expert, a commander-in-chief, a peace-fixer, a Mother Teresa, a shooter and a drinker of shots, Jason Castro looked the camera in the eye and said: “Don’t Vote.”

This dreadlocked boy from Texas, looking for all the world like a stoner who rolled with any circumstance in which he found himself, was honest enough to say to America: “Look, I don’t know what I’m still doing here. But you know and I know that I’m not good enough. So don’t bother calling. Don’t bother texting. At least not to vote for me.”

He could have said: “Vote for me. I’m the cutest. I’m the most original. I’m the one who most women that haven’t had sex since the last Clinton administration want to have sex with. I’m the one with the prettiest dreadlocks since Bob Marley. And even though I don’t sing like Bob Marley, I want you to believe that I do. I am the star because pretty people are supposed to be stars.”

But he didn’t. He said he could see which tunes the horns were blowing. No point trying to pretend. Don’t waste your time. Don’t waste your money.

In contrast, Hillary Clinton will try and make you believe that she won an illegal election in which her opponent’s name wasn’t even on the ballot. She will try and make you believe that she is the only person that undereducated white people will vote for. She will try and make you believe that she isn’t sure whether Barack Obama is a Muslim.

Who would be surprised if she appeared on American Idol and tried to make you believe she could sing?

You might think that Jason Castro is a naive, undereducated Texan dweeb who is blessed with the eyes and the smile of a Greek God and the voice of a Turkish carpet salesman.

But he was clever and honest enough to know that, somewhere along the line, people will see through you.

So it’s better to see though yourself first.

The Pond thank mayanblood for his vision of sincerity.


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2 responses to “What Jason Castro Can Teach Hillary Clinton.

  1. dashing4

    Oh no you di int..

    Jason said “Vote Vote” and you know it, Pond Boy.
    JC is a class act and is proving that left and right in his interviews. I lurve him. He is my hero. He makes me swoon. So don’t you be dissin my boy, you hear?

    This Tuesday is going to be so boring without him. Just you wait. You’re going to be begging Syesha to pull out her baby cry. Its the only thing you’ll remember from the night if she does.

  2. thespine11

    dashing, my darling.

    this is the most positive post i have EVER written about your lust-object.

    I painted him as a hero here too…

    I think he really did say don’t vote- I’m sure he meant vote, vote. but you know Jason, not the sharpest prong of the fork.

    Please pop over to my latest post about Little David’s Dad and explain to some of the posters that this is a somewhat amusing site.

    Please. Because you get it. Because you’re clever.

    And because you KNOW that this post was very flattering to your dreadlocked ditzthrob.

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