SYTYCD Top Ten. The pairings begin to leak.

Oh, no.

Some site somewhere (The Pond doesn’t do links. It affects the purity of the performance here) has revealed that Courtney and Joshua will be together for this week’s So You Thigh You Can Dance.

I can imagine Gev’s rather wide pants filling with tears at this very moment.

Will it be possible for him to find another girl like Courtney? Of course it won’t.

Shall we, just for the fun of it, try and guess what the other pairings will be?

If this were American Idol, I would pretend to know, because it was always so much fun to hear the outrage of outhouse-dwellers who were aghast that, say, David Archuleta would be singing Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s In The Cradle.”

I cannot do this to the loyal and honest SYTYCD audience.

Ergo, let us try and imagine, because Gev is such a genuine chap, the worst possible scenarios for the other chaps.

Well, now that Jessica is out through injury, Will, that most uptight of professionals, surely fears Comfort.

Will and Comfort might have all the makings of Will and Grace beneath the sheets.

The man with the most training coupled with the girl with none at all. And a girl whose confidence must have been squashed like a tomato in a bolognese with her elimination last week.

I can hear the rehearsal screams from hundreds of miles away.

What might Twitch be fearing the most? Perhaps a partnership with Chelsie. Somehow, I cannot see their energies quite melding. Twitch, I imagine, is secretly hankering after Katee (in a dancing sense).

Mark seems to be the one with the least to fear- unless he is paired with Comfort. Kherington and Katee are both vintage actresses and would surely complement him like a fridge complements white wine.

And Gev, well, you know he must be a distraught little Clyde at losing his Bonnie. With luck like that, I am imagining it will actually be Gev and Comfort.

I am not trying to demean Comfort’s abilities in any way. But she is the weakest of the girls.

And sometimes, well, sometimes you might imagine producers getting up to their old Idolesque tricks.

So here are my utterly wild and ridiculous guesses:

Gev and Comfort. Mark and Katee. Will and Kherington. And Twitch and Chelsie.

I could be wrong. And I trust you will not besmirch me if I am.

The Pond would like to thank Prince Roy for his image of a Taiwan Lottery Dream Sheet. Whatever that is.



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7 responses to “SYTYCD Top Ten. The pairings begin to leak.

  1. I do read spoilers over on Television Without Pity, partly because I’m fascinated and entertained by how some people will spin an elaborate conspiracy story out of the random ravings of 14 year-olds who post to Idol Forums, so let me just say that this Wed is going to be a dynamite show.

  2. thespine11

    Ah, OK, Joanna.

    I will take your word for it.

    You seem like an upstanding wise person.

    I will, regretfully, have to wait for my DVR to delight me tomorrow.

    I have plans that do not allow me to watch the live, time-delayed telecast.

  3. Judy C

    Wow! Who would have thought “Thunder Thighs” would be gone and Comfort would still be in the mix??? Oh, wait……me.

    As for picking the winner:
    who it should be – Mark
    who it will be – Will or Katee

    (Keep in mind, of course, that I’ve yet to correctly pick a single winner so far.)

  4. thespine11


    Yes, well. Pondy will be writing about that shortly.

    I’m amazed you don’t pick winners. you seem very good at picking husbands…

    Now, did you get the other part of my message? About replying to your lfc address?

    Please let me know if that works for you.

  5. Judy C

    Ohhh, I know! I’m very good at husband picking, all my girlfriends concur. Mr. Husband has a great head of hair that looks like it’s here to stay, nice big white teeth, and an extensive and diversified portfolio too! When we were dating he used to whisper in my ear: “wanna come up and see my annuities?”

    I just KNEW you didn’t really read all the pearls of wisdom I included in each of my long epistles to you (on every possible topic except the one you were actually writing about). Cuz if you did you would have seen where I wrote the following: oh sure, the lfc e-address will be fine to respond to.

  6. thespine11

    You never wrote that about the lfc thing. Pah.


    But I will attempt to reply there later.

  7. thespine11

    And I now have done, Jude…

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