SYTYCD July 17. A simmering sense of tragedy.

Are we all in favor of democracy now?

We, the people. Weed the people, perhaps.

As Gev and Kherington wafted off into the night with their ever tightening eyes and bottoms squeezing their disappointment shut, can one really believe that the So You Thigh You Can Dance voters chose well?

Perhaps the most obvious question is: “If Comfort was the worst of the girls last week, what changed?”

Here’s a couple of things.

One, the people voted. And there has never been much of a history of singing and dancing reality show voters casting their text messages for pretty girls.

Forgive me for sounding a little on the cynical side, but I suspect the majority of the voters are women slightly less pretty than, say, Kherington. They are perhaps slightly more likely to cast aspersions in her direction rather than votes.

Secondly, may I raise the subject of the choreography just for a few breaths?

There exists a slightly sycophantic tendency on the part of Hell’s Teeth, Tia and Maria to begin their critiques by praising the choreography. This is often used as the precursor to declarations of the dancers’ shortcomings.

However, Mark and Kherington’s jazz, er, reggae, er, what the hell was that, routine enjoyed the choreography of the Idea-Free Zone.

Mark and Kherington wafted their way through as if impersonating blind people in a black-walled room.

It was almost as if they thought if they kept on going, somewhere, in some tiny corner of the stage, they would find the meaning of their meanderings.

They didn’t.

To precede that by slipping them the Two Step was a particular form of cruelty not dissimilar to a contractor accidentally burning down your house and then suing you for his distress.

While the viewers forgave Mark because he possesses dangly bits and is a fine performer, Kherington was punished for having perfectly-sculpted eyebrows and a midfielder’s thighs.

Comfort and Twitch’s smooth waltz was about as smooth as a John McCain joke.

Poor Twitch was forced to take the pitter-patter steps of a Russian square dancer as he circled around an achingly effortful Comfort.

Frankly, they both looked as out of place and time as each other.

Still, there were enough wonders to make Wednesday feel like the apogee of the week rather than its saggy middle.

Joshua and Courtney proved that their ability to entertain and, frankly, lift was not confined to their previous partnerships.

Their hip hop was vibrant enough to make even the most spuddish couch potato’s hips sense movement.

Will and Katee’s pas de deux and Broadway Boat Dance were exercises in marvelous precision, but it just so happened that neither routine really asked them to display togetherness.

Which is not the same as synchronization.

I leave poor Gev until last. Because the sad thing is that his solo was unquestionably the most perspired and inspired of the night.

And the oddity of this competition is that one winner is chosen, yet judgments are made on paired performances.

Chelsie unwittingly highlighted Gev’s technical infelicities. Yet their contemporary routine was the truest of the night.

Chelsie and Gev showed a far greater ability to express connection while physically apart then, say, Will and Katee.

Yet Gev was jettisoned for being outjived by Chelsie and outprettied by the other gentlemen.

This despite the fact that Lil’C brought a sharp sensitivity and reasoning to the judging process, to the degree that a Tia-less Maria and Hell’s Teeth almost seemed subdued.

But let us end with a message to the nation.

Oh, America, please let your heart lead your eyes next week.

Because this week, it was the other way around.

The Pond thanks the futuristics for reminding us about dancing joy.



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6 responses to “SYTYCD July 17. A simmering sense of tragedy.

  1. Judy C

    Er, sorry, dude. Twitch isn’t prettier than anyone except maybe Shreck. But especially not cuter than little Gev. So being “outprettied” is obviously not a valid explanation for Gev getting the ax. He’s gone cuz someone had to go – and he’s a short, hip hop dancer. They’ve got two perfectly good hip hoppers left, one, Josh, is taller, and has had some formal training.

    The other, Twitch, is a crowd fave, even if he is as ugly as home made soap.

    And Mark and Will are tall and elegant, well, Will is elegant, Mark is just plain amazing, and both have had the years of training that the judges so like to gush over.

    So, that leaves Gev. Honestly, I think its just that simple.

    BTW, I agree, Gev’s solo was a total show stopper.

    And I also agree that Nigel’s turn at choreography was just awful, even painful – for everyone. OMG! He’s giving a bad name to England, Broadway, TV, male dancers, dancing in general and even teeth with that crap! I think he must be feeling threatened by LilC’s eloquent comments and sharp observations, so he pulls out his trump card, and shows us he’s not just a one trick judge. Will someone please call INS to check this guy’s green card? He needs to go away.

  2. If this were a beauty contest, Kherington’s ouster would have been a problem, but it is actually a dance show/popularity contest, and the dancing actually matters to at least some in the audience. Given the body of her performances in the show and the fact that she was as bad as Twitch in their ballroom routines, I wasn’t sorry to see her get cut at this stage. She was too uneven, and a terrible partner to both Twitch and Mark. The fact that she was so inarticulate didn’t help.
    All of the remaining women, with the exception of Comfort, have been consistently better dancers in partnership and in at least some of the solos. Comfort finally delivered the hip hop performance with Twitch that people had been waiting for, but she’ll go next.
    I was so sorry to see Gev go; he’s been the one who has shown the most growth as a dancer, something that appeals to the audience, and his solo last night was absolutely on fire. He and Chelsie had the best performances, in my eyes, on Wed. I think Gev is also the first b boy to show real versatility in the dance styles, but Joshua (while focusing more on other hip hop styles) has outdanced him in many ways. With the exception of Twitch, the others are just as good or much better dancers. The guys as a whole have had a stronger field than the women this season. And too many people still see b boying as “just tricks” and not a “real” form of dance, although I disagree, and thought Gev’s last solo displayed all the musicality as well as the athleticism that the best b-boying is about.
    At this stage, the show displays its tension between “America’s best dancer” vs. “America’s favorite dancer” and the dancers in the audience will complain bitterly about how popularity trumps dance in the end (Danny losing to Sabra last year). But from now on, the performances will have to be stellar, and if Mark doesn’t bring it next week, he’ll be out next, even though I think he’s marvelous and Twitch should be the one to go.
    My prediction for the final four: Joshua, Will, Katee, Chelsie. Wish Mark would be there, and if he draws Katee or Courtney as a partner, he may be. If Mark gets Comfort, you will know the fix is in, and the producers want him off the show.

  3. PS: I totally agree about Tyce’s vapid choreo for Mark/Kherington. It was insulting. He was too busy having Will and Katee jump in and out of the stupid boat, another routine I didn’t like.

  4. thespine11

    Hmm, well, yes, of course it’s a dance show.

    But I think Kherington showed more variety of talent, while Comfort can ONLY hop her hip.

    Which is why she was retired in the first place.

    I think looks played a part in the public’s myopic voting.

    I agree with you about Mark.

    He looks a little tired to me. There could be fitness issues here…

    See, the thing about Gev is that I don’t think it’s right to kick off someone who has produced at least some total excellence.

    Whereas Twitch, for example, has not inspired once.

    Now, Joanna.

    What about Nigel’s choreography?

  5. Nigel was “assisted” by Chuck Maldonado, one of the hottest hip-hop choreographers in the business right now, and by Suga Pop, one of the foundationsl figures in popping/locking from the Rock Steady Crew. So my guess is that Nigel chose the song, blocked most of it with ideas for the basic moves, and let his esteemed assistants work with the dancers on the details, especially the stepping part. So he had the sense to work with the best, and the result did showcase the guys in a rousing hoofer routine. I liked the dancing, because I got to see the guys finally next to each other doing some of the same moves, and showing their personalities. I do think they are all bone tired.

  6. thespine11

    Yes, I heard him talk about “my assistants.”

    Just thought it was more hooey than hoofer.

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