SYTYCD. So farewell then, Twitch and Courtney.

Oh, it’s just a headline. Well, perhaps not.

The truth is, I did find myself quite moved by last night’s So You Thigh You Can Dance dancing kings and queens.

So much effort, so little pretense, and, this morning, no memory at all of what any of the judges said.

This feels healthy.

For me, Twitch was the weakest. Yet, who knows, perhaps he has a huge fan club out there of people who wear large glasses.

Yet one has a sense that his fan club is not quite as big as Mark’s. Which means that Twitch seems the most likely to walk the dancing plank. As Joshua actually danced. Really danced. Danced impressively. With verve, nerve and swerve.

Oh, please let me be honest for a moment. I don’t really care all that much about the boys. They’re all really quite nice. They’re all triers who have squeezed the very most out of what they have.

The girls, though, well, that’s a little different.

I really feel that justice would be served by allowing Katee to  play the male parts next week. Or perhaps the three remaining girls could take it in turns.

Because if we really are choosing the top four dancers, they would be Joshua and the Three Degrees of Heat.

Unfortunately there will be One Degree of Separation tonight.

My fear is that it will be Courtney. Perhaps because, oh, I don’t know, she seems slightly less technically polished than the other two.

But I don’t want her to go. Couldn’t we elevate Mark to the judging panel, replacing Teethy? I mean, Mark has an intimate knowledge of all of the dancers, so his critique would surely be suitably pointed.

I know I am clutching at long gone hay here, but there’s a certain sadness at the thought of any of the girls leaving.

So, please forgive the headline. It was written in sadness, not knowledge.

Still, you don’t really think any of the men should win, do you?

The Pond thanks Peter Kaminski for expressing things so perfectly.



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15 responses to “SYTYCD. So farewell then, Twitch and Courtney.

  1. Judy C

    Oh man! They got rid of my guy! How can this happen??? Ax the beautifully trained contemporary dancer and keep the hulking street dancer who never saw the inside of a dance studio? Seriously? After that spectacular, wild routine Mark & Courtney did last night? Were you guys even watching? Hmmm….maybe I should have voted? I had picked Mark for the win from day one, but then you’ll recall I also advised I’d never picked a winner yet.

    And wasn’t it you, Pond, who said Joshua’s strength was not dancing? And wasn’t it me who agreed? Boy did he show us.

    On the other hand Chelsea was the obvious choice to get the boot. Katee and Courtney are just too well trained by comparison. Pond, I can’t believe you think Courtney is less polished than Chelsea whose background is ballroom. My 65 yr old aunt does ballroom.

    Anyway, I’m finished watching SYTYCD now. I was only tuning in each week to see Jason, er…I mean Mark. Whoever….some lovely, dark, foreign guy.

  2. T

    You read it just like I did. We were wrong. 😦 I like Josh, though. I thinking he’ll take it all.

  3. I didn’t pick Mark for the winner (that will be either Josh or Katee) but I sure think he has danced better all around than Twitch. And he was my favorite trickster personality. But popularity trumps performance on this show, again. Courtney squeaked by Chelsie because she has grown on a lot of viewers who see her as the plucky underdog. Chelsie’s solos didn’t show enough variety, and a lot of people didn’t like her deadpan tomboy affect. They said she was “mean.”
    I think it’s between Katee and Joshua for the win; neither has been in the bottom, they have been magic together, and Twitch is going to be relegated to playing with props again to distract us from the fact that he is really a solo dancer.

  4. thespine11

    The question is, amongst whom is Twitch popular, Joanna?
    Chelsie wasn’t mean. She was really rather wonderful.
    You know, now I’m thinking Courtney might win because she is the most endearing.
    You never know with this show, do you?

  5. thespine11


    Ballroom is still trained. And Chelsie was by far the most versatile.

    Oh, what do I know?

    All I have is my subjectivity…

    And I think you’re potty.

  6. thespine11

    Oh, T.

    Josh. Hmm. Well, maybe. But I think it should be a girl. The girls have been far more inspiring.

  7. The judges refer to us as “Ameriker” and we are frequently told we got it wrong, except on those occasions when we get it right. Twitch was more popular among those who managed to vote more often than Mark fans (who mobilized in force and are now in deep dark mourning). Unless you subscribe to the view from the grassy knoll which has it that the whole thing is rigged, as we saw in the movie Hairspray, with the judges dumping votes to make things come out as scripted, since this is a reality show, and we know that means it is not real.
    I also liked Chelsie’s midwestern deadpan. And just as many people have called Courtney “stuck up” because she’s so New Yawk and opinionated, but she reminds me of my mother’s family.

  8. thespine11

    I’m sorry, Joanna, WE saw in the movie Hairspray?

    No, no. John Travolta and I parted company decades ago…

    As for Courtney, I TIVO past all the chat and just watch the dancing (naive, I know).

    However, I am so sorry that you have to put up with your mother’s family.

    I spent a couple of years in NY and found it rather dull. I didn’t see much of the opinionated stuff. In fact, I found rather the opposite.

    In fact, do you have to put up with your mother’s family? Why don’t you just tell them what you think?

  9. Judy C

    Pond, you need to go back and check out the footage of the real dancers vs the ballroom types. Other than Year One of SYTYCD when the amazing Western Swing guy (can’t recall his name) won due to his ability to dance with charm and gusto every different style thrown at him, plus be in possession of a lovely, funny, sweet and infectious persoality that totally connected with the viewers and ultimately won the contest for him, only trained dancers have or will win. (watch now, this year Josh will probaby win)

    Too many pros out there can instantly spot the difference. You’ve got the ballroomies who go once a week after work and dance the cha-cha or rhumba for fun, then you’ve got the real dancers who from a very early age spend every waking hour at the bar grinding out exercises and body stretching routines over and over till their knees creak and their toes bleed, under the tutelage of a pro instructor.

    Could some of the better BR’s become real dancers? Absolutely, with years of training and dediction.

    Really, Pond, (ahem, pontification begins here) I realize your blog is from a non dancer point of view, but get a clue. While many BR dancers are charming and often flexible they just don’t have the knowledge, control nor endurance of trained dancers.

  10. Judy C

    Er….Sorry, that actually sounded mean, (and sorta dumb if you count the typos) which I certainly didn’t intend. I’m just bitter that Mark is gone I guess.

    I admit to sour grapes.

  11. thespine11

    That’s OK, Jude.

    You may be right about ballroom dancers in general.

    I just thought Chelsie was really rather good.

    I am sorry about Mark. Perhaps he can move somewhere near Jason Castro and they can tour together?

  12. Hi, Jude.
    FYI, your grandparents are social ballroom dancers. Benji (that west coast swing guy who won), his cousin Heidi, Lacey, Anya, Pasha, Dmitri, and Chelsie are all ballroom competitors, superb atheletes and dancers, and if you have never seen ballroom dancing on a competitive level, then I can understand why you might think that BR dancing is not “real” dancing. I assure you, ballroom dancers are as fit, limber, and masters of as much “technique” as modern, jazz, tap, ballet, or any other kind of dancers, in their genre. Champion ballroom dancers have trained as long and as hard as any ballet dancer, and quite often have taken ballet classes. As far as endurance goes, what ballroomd dancers do in day of a dance competition is the equivalent of running several heats of the 100 meters in 20 minutes, wearing heels and a lot of make-up. You can’t do what Chelsie can do by dancing on the weekends; she competed at Blackpool. I really don’t mean to sound huffy. I invite you to learn more about ballroom dancing.

    Pond, I guess I’m not as good at making jokes as I thought. Won’t be back.

  13. thespine11

    Oh, Lordy, Joanna. I know you were kidding. So was I.


  14. Judy C

    Don’t apologize for humor, Pond, especially in this case. In my opinion Hairspray was an abomination of a movie in every sense of the word, and joke worthy if ever a movie was.

    I admit, Joanna (if you’re still with us) that I know little about ballroom dancing, and you obviously know a lot. And thanks, by the way, for sharing your knowledge.

    What I notice, tho, is that all ballroomies do the same boring, twisting two-step in their solos, over and over, exhibiting very little diversity or originality, and few classic dance moves. Unless they are strictly choreographed they seem to fade really fast, leading one to believe they are not very highly trained. If Chelsea had ballet or other training why then did she not show it in her solos? Seems to me that’s where she and other BR’s always lose the vote, for the very reason that other than specific ballroom dance steps, they “got no game”.

  15. jude

    dammit! don’t care who gets it at this point. i love the 2 dudes but KATEE is the best dancer. i wonder if she even knows it? i think the judges do. but joshua’s athleticism and charisma are compelling.

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