SYTYCD. So Farewell Then, Mark And Chelsie.

Hello there, Courtney, and er, Twitch. Life’s absurd, isn’t it?

As are the fickle feelings of the general public.

Was justice done? Not exactly.

But at the very least what we got from So You Thigh You Can Dance this week was dignity.

And we should be so, so grateful for that.

Chelsie, bless her dear boyish soul, was undone only by her gender.

To my untutored eyes, she participated in the two most memorable pieces of the whole series: the one in which Mark was more interested in reading the Wall Street Journal and making money than in her desperate and despairing allure, and the one in which her hair resembled the aftermath of Armageddon while she fought Twitch over a bright green baton.

And how symbolic that was. No one can persuade me, and please, please do try, that Twitch was more versatile, more polished, more inspirational or more uplifting, or even a better dancer than the pugnacious Ms. Hightower.

Chelsie showed a delightful combination of brass, class and ass. And I mean that in the most elegant of paradigms.

As the tears reluctantly streamed down her face like folks who had just learned their favorite band would not be playing an encore, one could only admire the disarming charm with which she swallowed her injustice whole.

Mark handled his departure with more grace than any airline in the 21st century.

Not merely by uttering required words of how much he had learned, grown and suffered, but with a serenity on his face which communicated quite clearly that there were bigger things in life than losing on some TV dance show.

One can only hope that these two will somehow find a way to be noticed in the future and do not disappear to the rear of some pre-packed troupe somewhere west of Cleveland.

That leaves us with three who can win and lovely ‘ole Twitch. Although one must begin to seriously consider where his fan base has come from. Is there something sneaky in his use of oversized glasses? Perhaps some devious agents have, on his behalf, enlisted blind and short-sighted groups to continuously vote him through.

If you take this week’s vote as communicating anything, you might choose to wonder whether there has been a tsunami of support for the humongously cuddly Courtney.

Are we in the presence of some Courtney Love?

I know that those veterans who understand these things believe that this is a fight between Joshua and Katee.

But personality is looming larger as the competition reaches its dying act.

Of course, given that there are Idolish people involved here, I will ask this question but once.

Who do the producers want to win?

Please answer with your appropriate reasoning.

Thank you.

The Pond thanks Jurek D (Away) for cremaking us all cry.


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One response to “SYTYCD. So Farewell Then, Mark And Chelsie.

  1. Answer: The producers wanted Will Wingfield to win. Thankfully it’s not about what the producers want. It’s America’s Favorite dancer and not the I have to scratch your back since you’re in the business judges deciding who gets to stay

    So, left with four I think that Josh or Katee must win even if it would absolutely astounding and wonderful if Courtney could pull out the miracle.

    My money’s on Katee taking it and coming back from almost not making it to the top 20. Shows how much the judges know when they almost kicked her off. Now that’s a storyline the producers will love.

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